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“I feel like I’m on a content hamster wheel.” 😰

Developer advocates: does that sound familiar?

You do a little bit of everything: you create documentation, blog posts, code samples, talks, and still manage to find time to work on engineering projects.
But you’re not sure where the best place to focus your efforts is or whether your content is effective.

Even though you engage with the community in events and forums, you relay user feedback internally, and you promote your content widely on social media,
many people in your company don’t really understand what you do.

You want to understand how to measure your content’s impact with the right business metrics before someone else comes in and does it for you.

Developer advocates are called upon to help other developers in whatever ways they can. That includes creating content, answering questions on the fly, and hosting events.

You're figuring out content as you go with
little to no additional support.

Now close your eyes and imagine
what it feels like to get off the
content hamster wheel.

What would it look like if you didn’t have to figure out content strategy on your own?
What if:

  • You received personalized developmental feedback on your work regularly?

  • You could outsource your content questions, knowing you’ll get quality responses and resources?

  • You could save time by following a blueprint for administrative tasks like improving your workflows and telling the rest of the company what your team is up to?

  • You could measure the impact of your content instead of wondering what’s working or not?

This is what success can look like:

  • ✨The rest of the company knows what you’re working on and seeks you out for upcoming projects and campaigns

  • ✨You have systems in place for tracking work and business impact, allowing you to pull reports for stakeholders and colleagues as needed

  • ✨Content excites you again because you can balance new content creation effectively with your other commitments

DevRel CMS Logo of a sports coach

Introducing DevRel CMS: Content coaching for developer advocates

People who specialize in content—content strategists, copywriters, editors, and content writers—know that there’s more to content than “just writing or filming the thing”. Content production depends on systems (like CMS’s), processes, frameworks, and methodologies to be useful.

And that’s what you’ll learn in this coaching program.

As your coach, I am squarely in your corner, helping you work through the things that take up the most time to do or figure out. Let me teach you tackle content planning, reporting, and other operational aspects of your work so you can focus on doing your job: helping other developers.

This is NOT a self-paced online course. The focus is on working one-on-one, and our coaching sessions won’t look like anyone else’s. What we discuss and work on will be tailored for your specific circumstances.

There are plenty of courses, eBooks, and videos out there that will help you with various aspects of your content strategy. If you prefer the DIY approach, these options are good.

But if you want to learn from an expert and get personalized feedback, coaching is the best option. An online course won’t give you access to someone who will answer your "But what if...?" questions. Developer advocacy looks different at every company; your content strategy should, too.

And as a participant of DevRel CMS, you’ll also have access to a content library that you can access at any time for continued learning. 😉

'm currently participating in the current #DevRelCMS cohort and it is amazing. @radiomorillo is a great mentor and I am alread
DevRel CMS Logo of a sports coach

What does the coaching program entail?

The three-month coaching program runs includes:

  • Two 1:1 45 minute coaching sessions per month (6 sessions in total)

  • Direct access over email or text message, with same-day responses Monday through Friday (Eastern Time Zone). Send me your questions or ask me for resources, feedback, and reminders

  • Developmental feedback on one piece of content per month (1,500 words or less). Want to make sure your blog post looks polished before it gets published? How about that article you’re pitching to a publication? Want me to review the content plan you’re working on before you send it to your manager? I’ll review, provide detailed feedback, and lightly edit for typos

  • Invitation to a group Content Office Hours call at the end of the program

  • Six months of access to the “DevRel CMS” library, with new content (articles, videos, and templates) released every two weeks. Topics include KPIs, analytics and reporting, pitching publications, and more

  • Free copies of The Developer’s Guide to Content Creation and The Developer’s Guide to Book Publishing

  • Get on the mailing list to get notified when applications open up again!

I had my first consultation session for DevRel CMS today and it's already paid for itself two times over. Thank you @radiomorill

DevRel CMS content library topics include:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Pricing: how much does the program cost?
The entire three-month coaching program costs USD$4,000 if paid in full before the start date, or USD$4,200 if paid in five installments of USD$840 each. Previous participants have had their employers pay for all or part of the cost of the program.

Although this program is a financial and time investment, I do not advocate putting oneself in financial hardship to participate. In good faith, I won't accept participants who will have to take on debt to pay for a program that isn't affordable for them right now. Added financial stress isn't a burden anyone should have. If enrolling in this program will cause you financial hardship, please apply in the future!

2. What if I'm not currently a developer advocate?
This program is only open to people who are currently employed as developer advocates. But I appreciate your interest!

3. How many spots are available?
There are only five spots available. This ensures I can give each person the attention they need to succeed.

4. What are the program dates?
The program will return in 2022; dates will be announced later this year.

5. What if I'm not based in the United States?
The program is open to applicants outside of the U.S. and North America as long as your schedule has overlap with Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5) and are available on Sundays for coaching calls.

6. What is the “library” of content you’re offering?
The library consists of original video lessons, articles, and templates related to content strategy. This content will be exclusively available to program participants It’ll be updated twice a month, with new topics added upon request. You’ll get your login information the week before coaching begins and you’ll keep access for six months.

7. When do applications OPEN?
TBD. Subscribe to the mailing list to get notified when applications open up again.

Meet your coach

I've spent years crafting content written by and for developers. For two years, I was the main writer for the Bundler and RubyGems open source projects. I served as editor-in-chief of DigitalOcean and GitHub's company blogs, where I regularly tapped engineers to write engineering-focused blog posts.

I've edited technical content, including print books published by O'Reilly Media and CRC Press, online publications like Recompiler Magazine, and eBooks on technical topics. I've written landing page copy to help freelance developers and dev shops get more business. I've secured media placements for developer advocates in publications like DZone and InfoQ, and I've coached developer advocates on content marketing best practices. And thousands of developers have read my eBooks on content creation to start up their own blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and screencasts.

These experiences have taught me the ins and outs of effective content strategy for developer audiences. I'll be your "second brain" for all things content and will give you the flexibility you need to tailor my recommendations to your situation.

Learn more about me

DevRel CMS Logo of a sports coach

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I'll respond within a business day.

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